User Permissions: Admin, Standard, and Limited Users

StriveScan is proud to offer the highest levels of security, including role-based access control. Team members are only allowed to access the data and features they need, in line with security best practices.

StriveScan offers three levels of user permissions:

  • Admin
  • Standard
  • Limited

Admin users should specify the level of permissions when inviting new members to join their team. Admin users can also modify the permissions of existing users.

After logging into StriveScan's website, select Team Members from the menu on the left side.

Sending an invitation with permission level:

Send Invitation - with permission level

Modifying an existing user's permission level:

Team Members - Permissions

Permission Levels:

Overview chart of user permissions

Admin Users

  • Recommended for:
    • Leaders who manage people, manage travel, or manage the CRM
    • Directors, associate directors who manage travel or recruitment, CRM administrators
  • Unique privileges:
    • Add/remove team members
    • Change user permissions
    • Edit the Institution Profile
    • Setup Automatic Uploads
    • Everything from Standard and Limited Users

Standard Users

  • Recommended for: 
    • Staff who attend college fairs, like admission counselors
    • Scan and collect data, but also need access to that data, too
  • Unique privileges:
    • View full student profiles when scanning
    • Export
    • Add/edit Internal Event IDs
    • View Automatic Upload history
    • Create/edit Visits (if subscribed)
    • Everything from Limited Users

Limited Users

  • Recommended for:
    • Alumni representatives, volunteers, student workers, interns
    • Scan and collect data, but not need to take any action with it after
  • Unique privileges:
    • Only see student's name when scanning
    • Profile data not stored locally on the device
    • Cannot export
    • "LIMITED ACCESS" banner displayed across the mobile app

Universal Privileges: All Users

Any StriveScan user can:

  • Unlock fairs
  • Scan
  • Take notes
  • Purchase credits
  • Edit their own profile

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