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What if my colleague is on a separate team? Merging teams

Symptoms of having two separate teams:

  • You may be reviewing the Team Members page and not see someone listed
  • You thought your team had credits, but you’re not seeing them in your account
  • Someone else unlocked a fair, but it is not unlocked for you

To resolve this, you need to merge the teams together...

Merging Teams

If a colleague created their own, separate team and you wish for them to join yours, you can send them an invitation. 

From your account on the website, select Team Members from the left side. Enter your colleague's email address, select their permission level, and send the invitation.

Merge teams invitation

Accepting the Invitation to Merge

The next time your colleague logs into their account on our website, they'll be prompted to merge their team into yours. All of their credits, fairs, and scans will transfer with them. They will adopt your institution profile.

Accept invitation to merge

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