Do I need to buy a Fair Credit or is scanning included?

Many fairs include StriveScan with their registration fee. Other fairs need a Fair Credit to unlock scanning. 

You can determine if the fair you are attending requires a Fair Credit by checking the app. Each fair will either say  GAIN ACCESS or 1 CREDIT:


  • There is no additional fee to scan at this fair.
  • Scanning is included with your registration fee.
  • You may require a 4 digit code to unlock this fair. 
  • The code is typically emailed to the person who registered for the fair or will be available at college rep check-in table at the fair. Contact the fair host for more information.
  • Here's a video of how to unlock a fair with your code.


  • One Fair Credit is required in order to unlock scanning for this fair.
  • Fair Credits cost $24 and may be purchased via your account through our website or in the app with a credit card.
  • You may purchase just one Fair Credit or multiple at a time.
  • Credits do not expire.
  • Credits may be used to unlock any StriveScan fair.
  • Unlocking a fair unlocks it for your entire team. 
  • Multiple representatives from the same institution may scan at no additional charge.
  • Unlimited student scans are included.

Learn more about Fair Credits and Codes by watching our StriveScan 101 training @ 8:05

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