Third-Party and Consultant Users

If an institution is utilizing a third-party or consultant to assist with StriveScan data, we have a few recommendations:

Do not invite the consultant's email address directly to your team

  • StriveScan accounts utilize a person's email address as their username.
  • Their account is also linked to a specific institution/StriveScan team.
  • The consultant may be working with other institution clients.
  • Inviting the consultant's email address will link their email with your institution. If a different institution also invites that same consultant's email address, there is a risk the consultant could merge your two institutions' StriveScan team inadvertently.

Unique Email Addresses are Recommended

  • If you need to invite a consultant directly to your team, use a unique email address, such as a specific alias or an email address @ your institution's own domain.
  • Examples:
  • Working email required: Creating a user account requires a real, working email address as the user will need to receive a verification code sent upon registration.
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