Coordinating Alumni Representatives

Security and Privacy
StriveScan can safely be utilized by alumni representatives to scan at college fairs. We employ role-based permissions that limit the actions that the alumni representative can perform and the personal data that they can access, while still allowing them to scan barcodes and collect data at fairs. 

Individual StriveScan Accounts
For security, StriveScan recommends each person have their own account login. There is no additional charge to add people to your institution's account, including alumni representatives, and it helps keep your entire team more secure.

Inviting Alumni Representatives
Any StriveScan account administrators can invite other people to join your team. We recommend inviting alumni representatives with Permissions set to Limited.

  1. Admin User: log into account
  2. Select Team Members, from the left side menu
  3. In the Send Invitation box, enter the alumni representative's email address
  4. In the Permission menu, select Limited
  5. Click Send Invitation

Limited Permissions
By setting an alumni representative's permission level to Limited, they can:

  • Unlock fairs and use Fair Credits
  • Only see a student's name when scanning, not the rest of the profile information
  • Take notes about the student


Alumni Representative Accepts Invitation
The alumni representative will then receive an invitation via email from StriveScan. The alumni rep should click the Create Account button. They will then set their own password.

From: StriveScan
Subject: StriveScan invitation for [Team Name]

Contact Information Shared with Students
After the fair, StriveScan sends every student who attended a report of the colleges they scanned with and the representative with whom they met. The information that is provided to the student is a combination of your team's Institution Profile and the Profile of the user who scanned them. 

If you do not want students to contact the alumni representative directly, have the alumni representative remove their phone number and/or Contact Email from their profile. This information is required when registering their account, but can be removed.

To remove the information, have them log in to the StriveScan website, under the Account section, select Your Profile. In the Contact Information Shared with Students box, remove Your Contact Email and/or Phone.  

The Institution Profile, including the Admission Department General Email and the Representative's Name will still be shared in the student's report.

Fair Credits and Unlocking Fairs
An alumni representative with Limited permissions can still unlock fairs with any Fair Credits available to the team. Fair credits are available to anyone on the team, including Limited users. For fairs that include scanning in their registration fee, alumni representatives can enter the fair's code to unlock the far. 

However, for the alumni representative's convenience, we strongly recommend staff members purchase sufficient Fair Credits and unlock the fairs for alumni reps in advance. This will ensure when they arrive, everything will be ready. 

Limited Users cannot export data. We recommend your institution set up Automatic Uploads that will include any scans performed by alumni representatives. Alternatively, any staff member (users with Standard or Admin permissions) can press the Export button to receive the data. If an alumni representative scans at the same fair along side a staff member, both users' scans will be consolidated into the same export file for that fair. 

Instructions for the Alumni Representative

Here is sample language you can provide to your alumni reps:

Thank you for volunteering to represent us at this college fair. This college fair and many others we attend utilize a technology called StriveScan. The StriveScan mobile app allows us to scan student barcodes and collect their information. This replaces the paper inquiry cards students previously had to fill out by hand. With StriveScan, students have more time to talk to the colleges, we collect more accurate information, and it's more environmentally friendly. 

I have invited you to join our college's StriveScan account. In a separate email, you should have received an invitation from StriveScan to join our team (Subject: StriveScan Invitation). 

Please click on the link in the email and create your account.

Next, download the StriveScan mobile app from the App Store for iPhones or Google Play for Android phones. Log into your account.

When you arrive at the fair, you will see the name of the event at the top of the list of Upcoming Fairs. Tap on the fair name. When the fair begins, you will see a blue camera button in the bottom right corner of the screen. Tap on that to scan a student's barcode. You may need to prompt a student to show you their barcode by asking to scan them. After scanning a student, you can also take notes about the student and your conversation. 

Security is important to us. We have set up your account as a Limited User. This means you will be able to scan and collect data, but the student's profile information will not be visible or stored locally on your device. After the fair is concluded, you are welcome to delete the StriveScan app from your phone. Rest assured, the StriveScan app does not take up much space or use much data (less than sending a picture).

For more information, we recommend watching the StriveScan 101 training video

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