Missed Connections

StriveScan's Missed Connections feature allows students, parents, and professionals to connect with colleges and universities after the fair is over.

If a student couldn’t attend the fair or just didn't see a college's table, they still have the opportunity to express their interest in the institution and to send their information. Students can send new Missed Connections to participating institutions at any time after the fair.

Students, Parents, and Professionals

Anyone who registered for a fair, regardless if they actually attended the fair or not, can send you missed connections. This includes students, parents, and counselors/professionals. We text and email everyone who registered for the fair an invitation to share their information with you as a missed connection. All fair registrants are sent a text and email 15 minutes after the fair concludes.


The data institutions receive from a Missed Connections student, parent, or professional is the same as if you had actually scanned that person. However, we keep the data file separate from your other scanned data exports so you can easily keep track of those you actually met versus those who were Missed Connections.


  • Missed Connections: Students
  • Missed Connections: Parents
  • Missed Connections: Professionals


You can access data from Missed Connections in several ways:

1. Export from a Past Fair
Exporting your data from a past fair, via our website or mobile app, will include any Missed Connections received up until that point. If you routinely export immediately after the fair, Missed Connections may still come in after this point and will need to be re-exported to include any new Missed Connections.

2. Automatic Uploads (RECOMMENDED)
We recommend setting up Automatic Uploads so StriveScan can send you any new scan data and Missed Connections. More information

Email Notifications

StriveScan can notify you of new Missed Connections data if you wish to export them manually. 

Set Your Email Notifications
Enter the email addresses of those who should be notified when your institution has new Missed Connections. 

Notifications will be sent weekly, every Monday.

Instead, we recommend setting up Automatic Uploads, which will send any new scan data or Missed Connections, from all team members across all fairs, automatically every night. If you have Automatic Uploads turned on, you should not need to receive email notifications of Missed Connections. 

No Additional Charge

There is no additional charge for Missed Connections! If you scanned at fair, your institution will automatically be listed for students to send their information. 

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