Internal Event ID

StriveScan's Internal Event ID feature allows you to connect the data you receive from a StriveScan event with an event in your CRM. This makes importing the data from StriveScan faster and easier.

You can use StriveScan's Internal Event ID field to enter any text, but these are the most common options:

  • Slate's Event GUID
    • The Slate Event GUID (Globally Unique Identifier) can be found by going to the specific event in Slate, the copying the GUID portion from the URL. For example:  egf4d9fb-686a-7366-9351-f4fe7d68c9e1
  • Salesforce Campaign ID
    • The Salesforce Campaign ID can be found by going to fair, then copying the ID portion from the URL. For example:
  • A different name that you called the fair in your system versus what StriveScan lists it as
    • You can enter any text name. For example, StriveScan calls it "Maine South High School" and your system calls it "Maine Township CF."

How to Add Your Internal Event ID

Mobile App (iOS or Android)

  1. Unlock the fair (using a fair credit or unlock code provided by the fair host)
  2. Click the edit button 📝 in the top right corner of the fair details screen
  3. Enter the Internal Event ID (typically by pasting it from your CRM's website)
  4. Click Update to save


  1. Unlock the fair (using a fair credit or unlock code provided by the fair host)
  2. Click the edit button 📝 in the Internal ID box, on the left side of the screen
  3. Enter the Internal Event ID (typically by pasting it from your CRM's website)
  4. Click Save

Exports with Internal Event ID

After adding your Internal Event ID, any exports of that fair's data will include the ID in the second column of the export file. The first column will contain the fair name. Consult our Export File Guide for more details. 


It is best practice to add your Internal Event ID to the StriveScan app as soon as you unlock the fair or create the high school visit. This will help ensure it is not accidentally omitted. (The fair must be unlocked in order for an ID to be added.)

If you forget to add an Internal Event ID before exporting, you can simply add it, then re-export the data. The ID will be added to the new export file. 

If you are using StriveScan's Automatic Uploads feature, the Internal Event ID should be added before midnight US Central Time on the night of the event, to avoid automatically uploading data without an ID. 

Best Practices

We've heard from some teams that the best workflow for their staff is this process:

Step 1: Register for fair
Step 2: Create the event in your CRM (and obtain the event's ID)
Step 3: Unlock the fair in StriveScan and paste the Internal Event ID

Making this a part of your standard operating procedure can help. 

For fairs that include scanning with their registration fee, we will be encouraging fair hosts to include their fair's unlock code in their registration confirmation email as soon as possible so you can unlock the fair and add the Internal Event ID shortly after registering for the fair. 

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